Meet Your Hosts

Two Gun Guys, Way Too Many Ideas

Your two hosts Joe and Tyler share a similar passion for firearms that was quickly realized after meeting at the Oaks Gun Show back in 2019. After years of discussing various builds, projects, gun purchases, the list goes on, the two decided to create the Across the Gun Counter Podcast as a way to have an outlet in the gun community to express their voices. 

Joe Riva

Highly qualified and motivated professionals

Joe is the current manager of 507 Outfitters, a premiere gun store in Easton, Pennsylvania and has been gaining experience working gun shows since 2013. Outside of gun sales, Joe has been intrigued by firearms since a young age. While growing up in the state of New Jersey, which made exploring various avenues of modern firearms more difficult, he developed an affinity for historical firearms. Now residing in Pennsylvania, he hopes to deliver his experiences with firearms both old and new. 

Tyler Weaver

Tyler is a Master Gunsmith who began operating his own gunsmithing business Precision Rifle Works in 2018. Before he began gunsmithing, Tyler was always enthusiastic about every aspect of firearms from how they break down to the unique history of each one. Recently Tyler has been able to take his business full time, taking on various jobs sent to him from all over the United States. 

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